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May 11th, 2013, 11:36 AM
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Does your family eat breakfast? If so, what's the usual? Cereal mainly, but I do make something from scratch a couple times a week. I make homemade scones or crepes often.

Do you think your family eats healthier than those who are rushing off to school/work each morning? No, we still mainly eat cereal or bread type item in the morning like most families. The girls snack on fruits throughout the day.

Do you usually cook from scratch (meats, veggies, etc.), cook from pre-packaged foods (hamburger helper, frozen pizza), or order out? Both, I love to cook from scratch, but at least twice a week we eat something prepackaged for dinner or frozen. I hate to eat out and feel that homemade dinners are healthier and taste better. I make a wonderful homemade pizza from scratch, the dough and sauce are my own recipes. We rarely order pizza. My girls love to help in the kitchen and I have a husband that does the dishes, so cooking isn't a stressful task for me.
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