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May 11th, 2013, 03:30 PM
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Chiropractics helped me more than anything else. I had an MRI years ago that showed one bad disc and my one from a few months back now shows 2. I honestly think they're both from my spinals, since I had the same sort of burning sensation in my hips/back after each. I had back pain in between my pregnancies as well.

I did physical therapy after the first MRI. Helped a little, not a ton. Went to my chiro, and that helped the most. I started going back to him after I fell during skiing and they fixed me right up. I need to go back again, but just can't find time right now.

Honestly, a neuro is probably going to want you to get an MRI, and unless you have good insurance or don't have a high deductible, I would try a few chiro adjustments first. And if you do end up needing an MRI, don't go to a hospital or hospital based facility, they can charge, and the insurance allows more! Go to a free standing facility.

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