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May 11th, 2013, 06:35 PM
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The girls have never had bikes. I know it's weird, but we have our reasons..

1. They were NEVER interested. We took them to look at bikes, try riding bikes, etc. they would pretty much lose interest and go look at other toys in the store...

2. We live in an apartment so storage/space is an issue. Our summers (warm weather) lasts about 3 months and then it's 9 months of not-so-friendly bike weather. So having the bikes just sit there year-round useless, eh...

BUT, we do have plans to take them bike shopping the first weekend of June. If they show interest this time and DH is willing to go outside and teach them, then we'll buy them 2 bikes. I feel like they *need* to know how to ride a bike, but I also don't want it standing there year-round collecting dust, either. So we'll see.
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