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May 11th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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Reba, I'm feeling GREAT now! Cramps were bad the first two days. It's CD 6 now and AF is gone (hopefully for awhile!).

I'm so excited for this cycle! DH & I are morning people... if ya know what I mean... and with summer vacation just around the corner, our chances to BD on our terms will be greatly increased! I can't wait... plus, taking OPK's will be easier when I'm at home more often!

Oh, and not having to work, but still getting paid... BONUS! (DH is on a 12 month pay schedule, so we'll only be short my sub pay which won't affect our monthly bills or anything.)

Today was a crazy day!!! I was up by 7:30, watered the plants, took care of the chicks, and worked out before DH was up. Then we hung out for a bit before getting ready to start our graduation party-hopping adventure! We had two parties for kiddos who I coached last year -- they live an hour away, so it was a bit of a rush to stop and spend adequate time with each and still get back home by 2 for our graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was lovely. It was small, quaint, and very personal. You can do that when your graduating class is only 15! I cried... because I'm super emotional like that. Then we went to 5 more parties for 7 more students. We ate way too much pulled pork, roast beef, chicken wings, cake, cupcakes, and punch. But... it was worth it. We had so many wonderful conversations, had so many students and parents thank US for being great teachers (which is quite the esteem booster, let me tell you...), and were able to acquaint ourselves with some VERY rural roads!

We left home at 11 AM and returned at 8 PM -- full, tired, and satisfied that we're sending these young men and women into the world with the preparation they need.

Tomorrow... we sleep in! Then garden.

My weight has been at a stand-still the last few weeks - which is better than a gain! So this week, I'm starting a 7 day Just Dance challenge. It sure had me sweating this morning! I hope it's the start of getting into a good exercise routine.

Ok... DH is fast asleep on the couch. I think I'm going to snuggle up beside him and do the same.
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