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May 11th, 2013, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Linzie View Post
Have you not been reading my posts? I've already outlined situations where I would feel a person is being responsible in taking an infant on the back of a horse, and where they would be highly irresponsible in taking an infant on the back of a horse. Also, I never said there were any spook-free horses. There are horses with very low risk of shying/spooking. Lots of people have dogs around their infants and children, even though there is still a risk the dog could snap and bite. Are they being irresponsible by having a dog around their children even though there is still a chance the dog could bite and injure one of them?

Responsible situation #1:
-Being in an enclosed, controlled space such as a corral or small area
-Having the horse on a lead with someone at its head, and/or having more people at the sides of the horse.
-Using a trusted, desensitized, low-spook horse
-Not going faster than a walk

Responsible Situation #2:
-Staying very close to the barn/house
-Being in a wide, open area to minimize risk of something popping up and scaring the horse
-Riding with multiple people around you.
-Again, using a calm, trusted, desensitized horse.
-Not going faster than a walk

Irresponsible Situation:
- Using your high-spirited, high-energy horse
- Going faster than a walk
-Going through woods/far away from the house/barn

My mom has pictures somewhere of me and all my siblings on the back of a horse with her. I love looking at those pictures. My aunt has all the pictures from her children, my family, and all my other aunts/uncles who have participated. Infants can't really enjoy going trick-or-treating, but people still do it to make memories. I'm not so quick to call abuse/child endangerment/parental irresponsibility as some, and I'm perfectly ok with that. I won't stop something innocent and fun the whole family will enjoy because of a possible risk of injury. If I did, we wouldn't go to playgrounds, or drive the car, and I wouldn't let my children help me cook, and we wouldn't have animals.
AGREE. ESPECIALLY TO THE BOLDED. I'd like to hear what the dog lovers say....I know for a fact family dogs, even trained ones, have potential to bite. Probably MORE often than horses will buck off their riders.
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