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May 12th, 2013, 07:15 AM
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We had our offer on this house turned back to us, since they said the appliances came with it automatically, except the washer and dryer which were negotiable. We offered $2000 shy of asking price and wanted the washer and dryer. Well, they turned it back at the same price but no washer/dryer. If it wasn't actually negotiable in the first place, don't say it is...super frustrating!

Why do agents allow people to offer so far below?!?

This class was really the first time my scar had an impact on me. There was a move where you needed the hammock all gathered, and then hold it to your hips and then lean forward and have it hold your weight there...yup, not happening!! I could feel it tugging and there was no way I was putting all my weight on it!

Happy Mother's Day!!!! Hope you are all getting spoiled in some way today
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