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May 12th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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I went and had a look at my charts. My first cycle off birth control I had AF to CD6 then started bleeding out of the blue on CD9. I marked it as spotting but probably should have marked light bleeding. Cycle 7 I had AF for three days. I marked CD4 with spotting but there was the faintest spot when I checked after I woke up but I didn't need anything and I never got any more so it was probably just left over from laying down overnight. Then on CD6 I started bleeding again and it lasted through CD7. I wasn't stressed for either of those cycles so I don't know what it was from but I guess my body decided it wasn't done with AF yet lol. Neither times had as much of a gap of days as you have but it was enough that I was certainly surprised! Are you still bleeding now?

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