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May 12th, 2013, 04:25 PM
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I know I was being silly about how embarrassed I was yesterday but I couldn't help it!

So my leg is getting a lot worse as Baby Rose grows and now instead of not being able to stand/walk for longer than 15 minutes, the burning and pain starts within a few minutes! It sucks! I'm convinced I'm not going to be able to walk at all towards the end of this lol

Well BF and I went out to go to the store after him convincing me I could ride one of those motorized carts and when we got there I was so shy and felt like everyone would stare at me! ***?!! I'm not 12! LOL! I really, seriously need it and why would I care what other people think of me?! But for whatever reason I totally did... >_< It was kind of fun though, they turn really tight and go pretty fast lol

When we were done and went out to the car I asked my BF if he would walk back with me to the store to return it because I didn't want to be alone... omg I can be such a baby!

Thank goodness though for stores having those! I was able to come along and not have to be in pain or take breaks every 10 minutes to rest my leg
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