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May 12th, 2013, 07:43 PM
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Yay for great days!

Mine sucked, but tomorrow is another day. Going to stop by my work and show my little 9 month old off after his appointment. I hope he sleeps before the appointment so he's semi happy! And I'm not sure if he gets a shot tomorrow or not But I'm curious how much he weighs since when we had him in for his rash last month, he had only gained 3oz in 2 months and was 18lbs, 2oz....and I weighed him at home the other day (I weighed myself and then again holding him) and it was 20.2lbs...I doubt he gained 2lbs in a month so we'll see what he weighs tomorrow! And I'm debating weighing myself on their scale to see if my scale is off if his weight is significantly different than that.

Trying a new crockpot recipe tomorrow....boneless skinless chicken, chucks of sweet potato, onion and then salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, some brown sugar, and 1/8 of a cup of orange juice. We'll see how this turns out!

Yay Caroline!!!!!!!

$13K below! And a bunch of extras?!?! That's not right. I'm glad you've gotten an offer you can live with though. I hope to hear good news next week!

I thought the home inspection was more so just in case there was something huge hidden? I think you've given lots already! I hope its really just a formality.
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