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May 12th, 2013, 08:41 PM
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My hubby is far away working, I'm driving down on Friday to see him. Since getting back on my thyroid meds I've been steadily losing weight (dh not around to wreck my diet helps a lot too)... and these trips are usually a good way to set myself back. Take out is our only food option while I'm there (DH lives in a hotel with only a microwave and tiny fridge), so I'd like to avoid an abundance of it while I'm driving (in total I'll be in the car about 20 hours).

I usually eat beef jerky because it does a good job of keeping me feeling full.. but I've been very careful with my Sodium intake.. and beef jerky isn't exactly low sodium.

I was thinking I'd get some cherry tomatoes... but other than that I'm drawing a blank. If you ladies had to drive 8-10 hours and had no cooler.. what would you pack? String cheese? Nuts? (if so, which kind is best?) apple slices?

I usually don't care about this when I travel, I figure vacation is vacation I'll enjoy myself... but watching that scale go down a few numbers every week really makes me want to NOT cheat. Especially since I'm likely to not get in much exercise while I'm there.

I will be going for dinner almost as soon as I get there, I'd just rather not hit up a dollar menu on the way.

Thanks ladies!

*edited* I pulled down our small cooler and opened it.. DH didn't put it away properly and it's full of mold. I'm asthmatic AND allergic, I'm not cleaning it. Not to mention the "ice" i'd planned on using were reusable ice cubes, the kind I'd put in a drink at home. I'm not putting those in a cooler that's had mold in it... the ick factor is just too high. I don't know if I'll go buy a new one or use a slightly insulated lunch bag. I could put more ice packs in the lunch bag, but they're not likely to be frozen still when I get to my destination.
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