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May 13th, 2013, 03:13 AM
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Hi ladies!
Kody was born Friday night at 10:43pm, he's 7 lbs even, 19 in long. His eyes look steely blue in daylight and look sort of brown in the center and blue on the outside with inside lights. We'll see how they turn out. He looks a lot like his brother did as a newborn, but his hair is not reddish like Ethan's was.
So for delivery...
I arrived at the hospital at 5:30, got my IV port put in (didn't have to get hooked up to a pole though), and at 7:30pm my water was broken. I think my OB said I was a 6 at that point. I wasn't too uncomfortable yet, just sort of crampy and feeling some of the contractions a bit but not too sure for some of them.
I didn't want to just lay in bed so I got into the jetted tub so I could sort of be by myself and keep moving around to help him come down and get everything going.
The pain was pretty manageable until I got to about 9-10 cm...they checked me at 9 and it just got more painful from there. Pushing him out was the worst part. I kept thinking he was further down the birth canal than he was with each push. I'd ask, she'd check and say his head is here or his head is just about to crown and I thought it was taking forever! But I knew it was going to be over soon...I sure wished at that point that I'd had some drugs on board! Haha! I'm not sure how long I pushed but the whole process from when they broke my water to end was only about 3 hours. It was probably something like 10 pushes. And hurt like hell! LOL. But he's here. Last night and the first night were kinda rough in the hospital just because of sleeping...I got 2.5 hours the first night, a few scattered hours during the day, and then maybe 3 or 4 broken hours the next night. He wanted to nurse all night long and it was driving me crazy because it was hurting and he'd lose the latch so easily. But I saw the lactation consultant before we left and that helped, guess I'm not an old pro like I thought, ha hah. My milk is starting to come in this afternoon, too, and that makes it seem so much easier to nurse. He's now sleeping peacefully in his daddy's arms.

Here are some pictures:

Arriving at the hospital, checking out our digs:

Just born:

I just had a bath, so my hair is wet--

Today in the hospital, waiting to get discharged:

At home with big brother:

Ethan was so happy to see Kody. He talked about all Kody's little body parts--counted his toes and fingers, checked out his nose and eyes and felt his hair, etc. When he saw Kody nursing for the first time, he said, "He's eating Mommy's boobies!" in a matter-of-fact voice. lol. Love that kid!

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