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May 13th, 2013, 07:18 AM
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So during my first pregnancy I tested positive for GBS, got the antibiotic during delivery, all was well. I figured since i was positive the first time they'd skip the test this time and just automatically give me the antibiotic. But i was told at my last prenatal that they will still be doing the test this time around as well. Of course I googled it when i got home lol and apparently you can test positive during one pregnancy and negative during another, like it can come and go. Anyone have this happen to them? I guess my concern is if it comes back negative and i dont need the antiobiotic it'll return in the meantime and my baby could be affected. I'd rather be safe than sorry and just get the antiobiotic. I dont know, am i worrying over nothing? I haven't even had the test done yet lol
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