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May 13th, 2013, 07:24 AM
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So we had planned to move on Saturday and had enlisted 10 friends to help....only to find out the forecast was for rain, HAIL, and gust winds! So we hired some guys off Craigslist to come on Friday instead. I did my glucose tolerance test at 8 am, went to another OB appointment at 10 am across town, raced back home to meet the movers, and directed the move by my lonesome while my husband was at work.

On Saturday we had about 5 friends and family help us move the few little boxes that were left, and help start unpacking. We spent ALL day Saturday and Sunday getting the house together, and my pitting edema was back in full force. We're talking thumb print lasting for 4+ minutes on my ankles no problem. The house is still a mess. I'm back at work today and ready to crash. Think the baby will be okay with 3 cups of coffee this morning? :-P (J/K! Only 1 so far)

On a side note, my mom's knee replacement went well and she avoided an ICU stay (unlike when she had her hip replacement 6 months ago). I'd call this weekend a success!
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