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May 13th, 2013, 10:10 AM
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I know we have talked a lot about cereal, the benefits, the disadvantages, etc. Well today when we went to the Dr for Vivi's 4 month apt and I brought up the spit up-turns out she is a "happy spitter" and that spitting up tends to peak around 4-6 months and then decrease. It's just about the development of the stomach flap and all that fun stuff. The Dr suggested we do some cereal or oatmeal, 3 times a day, mixed with formula and spoon feed it to her to help things stay down where they are supposed to be. I cringed at the word "cereal", but my doctor did tell me that it's perfectly fine to use, but I could make my own if I wanted.

I went to the store set on buying brown rice to make my own (it's super easy to make). I decided though to do a little experiment and compare brown rice to the Gerber Rice Cereal and honestly there is little to no difference. I actually ended up buying the Gerber Rice Cereal and not the brown rice although I am going to try processing some oats I have at home and making her homemade oatmeal and see what she prefers.

I just wanted to let anyone who was thinking about cereal or who might need to start their baby on cereal about my findings. I think it's perfectly fine if you decide that store bought rice cereal isn't necessary for your baby, but I think that sometimes mommy's can get caught up in doing the "right" thing and sometimes things like jarred store bought canned baby food or cereal gets a bad rap. I don't know about jarred food, but the comparison between regular brown rice and rice cereal really shocked me in a good way.

Just wanted to pass on that info!

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