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May 13th, 2013, 10:15 AM
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My midwife explained it to me like this: it grows in your intestines, therefore it can make it to the outside of your body with a bowel movement. As women, all that stuff is so close together that it can travel to your vagina and surrounding areas. It's harmless to us, but can cause infections if the baby gets it into it's body during birth. The reason it comes and goes is because it gets cleaned away or our body clears it from the areas it does not need to be. That's why they wait until so close to your due date to do the test. It's also been found that, in general, babies will show signs of an infection before you go home if they HAVE been infected with GBS and the mother hasn't been treated with antibiotics because of a false negative.

That's what the midwife explained to me, not verbatim of course, but as close as I can remember it.

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