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May 13th, 2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jefferen View Post
Okay, so here is my story. I am 23 years old, married, and I came off birth control in January. Since coming off of birth control, my period has been anywhere from 5-8 days late. I got periods in January, February, and March, and they all were regular periods that lasted 4 days with heavy bleeding and cramping the first day and half to light bleeding for the rest of the days. My last period started March 8th, and ended on March 11th. I was supposed to get my period April 5th. It never came. A few days after I was supposed to get my period I started having occasional light cramping, that would come and go. Then I started getting brown discharge, when I wiped, and a very little in my underwear. The discharge finally went away after like a week, but the cramping never did. I still have the occasionally cramping. I really thought none of this, I just attributed it to, stress, and pressure of buying a home, and the fact that my period is a bit irregular since coming off the pill. My sister insisted I take a HPT. She said since my period has always been pretty regular, and its not here, and the fact I have brown discharge, and the cramping, that I need to test. Plus we have a good friend who is pregnant and she didn't test positive on the stick until she was almost 6 weeks along. I took two HPT within a few days of each other and both turned up negative. So, I waited another week for my period, before calling my OBGYN. He gave me a urine and blood test, and it all came back negative. He said it is plausible that I just missed a period. And he said that the brown discharge was probably just a "wacky period" I told him that my next period if it was on schedule, would be due in 5 days. I asked him when I should be concerned that I haven't gotten my period yet. He told me not to worry until I came back to him in 6-8 weeks for my annual exam. Its been two weeks since that exam, and I still haven't gotten my period. Just the occasional cramping. Does anyone have any advice? Should I wait that long to see my doctor again or make another appointment?

*I was supposed to get my next period on May 3rd
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