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May 13th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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That would be crazy if that had happened the one time we did find out which was with our second baby (DS). I'll admit I would have been pretty upset as I had boy-baby fever soooo bad. A lot worse than this time bc at least this time I already have a boy if this turned out to be a girl I'm carrying right now.

But I'll answer like this: If this turns out to be a girl instead of what I prefer (a boy), I think I'll feel confused about my feelings for about 10 seconds and then go straight to being overjoyed that's she's healthy, beautiful, here and mine. And then I'd groan bc I'd know that that means we'll probably try one more time for a boy. If this is a boy, we'd be more likely to settle on 4 kids. But, we really want to try to give DS a brother.
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