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May 13th, 2013, 11:56 AM
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I guess I'm the odd one out. We do schedule one on one time with the kids - well, the 3 older ones anyway. From Sunday through Saturday, it is one of the kid's "week". During that week, usually on Friday or Saturday because dh doesn't work those days, either their father or I will take that child out do something just the two of us. Sometimes it's riding bikes, going to a coffee shop to play board games and have a treat, going for a walk, etc. There are some activities that only their father does, and some that only I do. For example, their father might take them target shooting, but I don't do that. I play board games, but their father doesn't. Also, during the child's week, if either of us need to run an errand, that child gets to go. That way, there's no arguing - "I want to go!" "No, you went last time!" "Waaah!" If we all go somewhere as a family and one of us need to run into a store, that week's child gets to come in. It's also used to solve arguments like who gets to take a shower first, drink the last of the milk, get the last granola bar etc.

As far as managing a bunch of kids, you can't let them get away with anything. At least, that's what I've experience with my own kids. Discipline must be consistent. There's just too many of them for it not to be.
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