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May 13th, 2013, 12:13 PM
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Hi ladies,

I just got the news last week that I have PCOS, as I've long suspected. I've only (possibly) ovulated once in the 7 cycles since I started charting. As my weight is average and blood sugar tests are normal, my OB said my case was due to elevated testosterone levels and gave me Clomid to try. I'm supposed to take it from cycle days 5-9.

Now, like many of you might be, I'm a spotter. My periods are extremely light, and it's very hard to tell when they've actually started. My OB said to count CD 1 as the first day of full red flow. But often, my entire periods will have little to no red flow whatsoever, just the brown older blood. Yesterday, some slight amounts of red/brown show up sometimes if I put a piece of toilet paper up a little higher, rather than just wiping, but my liner had practically nothing on it. (Sorry if TMI!) Today the flow stopped completely for half the day, and now it is ever so slightly increased and much more red throughout. Was day 1 yesterday or today?

Some people say it doesn't matter which day, but some of my books suggest that taking the meds a day late can result in miscarriage if we actually are successful. I just wish this was more clear-cut!

Thanks, and sorry about all the details!
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