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May 13th, 2013, 12:28 PM
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May I join you ladies in help with my weight-loss journey? I'm Ashley (24) . Happily married to Sam and mommy to 19 month old Kynslee.

I need help and motivation to loose weight!! I'm try to finally go the route of 'hard-core' dieting and seeing if that helps me loose any weight. I've been trying to loose weight by eating healthier, eating less, and trying to exercise more but I haven't lost any weight really. So, I'm going to try: pretty much no carbs, no fruit and all the meat and veggies I want strictly for a week and half then slowly start adding in a little carbs, little fruit and such. I've done this diet right before I got pregnant and it worked for me. I tried it then from encouragement from my doc not to loose weight but to help my thyroid. Sadly though, I gained all the weight back as soon as I got pregnant and gained a total of 50+ lbs while pregnant And, after 19 months PP and 15 1/2 months of bfing I'm still around the same weight I was after leaving the hospital when I had Kynslee.

So, I'm hoping to find a home for the much needed encouragement I'm seeking!

I'm also struggling some with depression and anger and DH and I both agreed that we think it's because I'm not happy with my weight. I've NEVER had a issue with weight before and so it's been a huge struggle to me when I constantly feel fat.

Sorry to go on, but wanted all out there for you ladies to know.
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