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May 13th, 2013, 01:03 PM
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The doctor called back. She does seem somewhat concerened.
The last measurment she has is at 18 weeks and he was right on then.
She wanted the growth scan because my fundal height is actually measuring a few weeks ahead. And so the ulatrasound is 2 weeks bnehind. he measured 31 weeks and he is 33 weeks 1 day. he measured 3 lb.s 12 oz. give or take. She wants me to come back this afternoon for a non stress test. Which I know it measures babys heartbeat while he moves but thats all I know. Don't know what to expect. I know his heart rate was 153 today. She is going to get back to me when the final results of the ultrasound are read which will either be this afternoon or Wednesday. Which I hope it's thisafternoon, she did mention maybe going to a bigger hospital for futher measurments??? I know I shouldn't worry too much but I am. i have not had any issues until now so this is my first scare.

She said I have to eat well and get more rest, maybe I am using up the energy that should be going to baby.


Not sure if the ultrasound guy/doc looked at blood flow or whatnot that closely or not, nothing has been mentioned yet.
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