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May 13th, 2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by TaraJo29 View Post
I have had these before, but usually not until well into the 3rd trimester. It's like a muscle strain or even kind of like a charlie horse (but not quite the same). It always runs vertically on the sides of my stomach. It's definitely a muscular thing and not a uterine thing so I'm not worried about labor or anything like that. It's definitely not round ligament pain either, as I know what that feels like. It often happens when I have been laying on my side and then I try to roll over, or sometimes when I'm bending down or something like that. It's actually pretty painful and sometimes I can't move until it stops hurting. It's like the muscle seizes up or something (?) and until it relaxes I can't move.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Does anyone know a way to prevent it?

Would potassium help like it does with regular muscle cramps?

Maybe my belly muscles are just really worn out at this point.
I get that alot too. It actually is a type of round ligament pain. I asked my Dr about it and he said that's what it is. Every time I have any RLP thats what it feels like to me.
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