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May 13th, 2013, 01:27 PM
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Emily, are you still sick? And how is Callen?

It went pretty good yesterday. I had a great day. My Mom was still very distant from Drake, did not really interact with him, I will NEVER understand that. There is nothing I can do about it though. I have talked to her about it and then she will act all lovey dovey for ONE day then it stops. She lives 5 minutes away and she sees Drake like MAYBE every other week, and I would not even consider that seeing him because she does not do anything with him. I feel so jipped on life sometimes.

But, DH let me sleep in until 2pm, then when I woke there were fresh chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and fried potatoes with coffee. MMMM!! After that, my Mom came over and I took Drake outside with my younger brother while Dave cooked dinner. He made panko chicken, broccoli and rice with sweet tea. THEN I got my gifts, I got two owl wind chimes, an owl garden rain collector, a fake yellow towel rose (its sooo freakin cute!), a Owl garden decoration thing. Its an owl head on a metal stick so I can put it in the ground. I got an white rock with an owl painted on it and Drake "made" me a moon that is hung on the wall that says "We love you Mamma." THEN when my Mom left DH cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen because he said to me "You will do no chores today." When Drake went to bed we watched 2 episodes of The Amazing Race. I had SUCH a good day!!

How was your day ladies? Gabbs I know you already had Mothers Day. You are a day ahead! You are from the future!!!

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