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May 13th, 2013, 01:28 PM
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Thanks for the ideas Elle, I've seen quite a few I like on pinterest too!

CD20 / 6 DPO
I know that I already did an update on my appt on the main board but I want to get it in here too. So feel free to skip this...

Friday's appt went really well, DF was super anxious about it friday morning. Weird as I think I'd had all my nervousness and anxiety earlier in the week. By friday morning I was plain excited! Anyway we saw one of the fertility nurses, she was great. DF even said afterwards she's probably one of the most positive people we;ve seen throuhgout this entire process, he also liked that she talked to him too, rather than just me. We talked alot about the process of IUI and we signed alot of forms - consent forms and forms for the HFEA (Human fertilisation and embryology authority - the govern anything fertility related over here in the UK). We both got weighed and had our height measured. My BMI needs to be below 30 to qualify for treatment and it came up as 30.1 - I was so disappointed. Luckily the nurse was lovely and said just dont let it creep up anymore or you'll get me shot. She asked me what I was doing re my weight so we talked WW etc, was so nice and said i'd done really really well to loose what I had and just to keep a close eye on it. DFs BMI was fine - of course!

The nurse explained that the % chance of getting pg each month is around 20%. IUI gives a chance of around 11% per month on average, she did say however that for my age IUI is more like 18% so almost close to that of a natural cycle. She confirmed that I get funding for 6 cycles with clomid and that they dont usually do any with injectibles but it would depend on how I responded to the clomid and dose etc etc.

The plan for next cycle is as follows:
CD1 - I have to call the clinic and let them know AF arrived
CD2- CD6 - 50mg Clomid
CD10 - I go in for my first u/s scan to check my follies
- When there is at least one follie measuring 17mm they will give me the HCG shot to take home and i'll be given a specific time 36hrs prior to the IUI to take it (either in my belly fat or upper thigh - ouch!)
Then I go in for the IUI, DF attends to give his sample too which is washed then inserted into my uterus with a teeny tiny catheter
14DPIUI I can call for bloodwork if AF hasnt arrived.

They said that if there is more than one follie over 17mm but less than four, then we would be counselled of the risks (i.e. multiples) before we decided whether to go ahead or not. More than four then they would cancel. The nurse said alot of couple do BD anyway but its not advised (she also gave us a wink wink nudge nudge at this point lol)

If the first / second etc IUI doesnt work, we are able to do the 6 IUI's concurrently, if we want to. The nurse did say that sometimes people have a cycle or two off in between as the whole process can be emotionally draining and a rollercoaster. We were also toldthat they can refer us to specialist fertility counselling if we want to at any time.

We were both given orders for a whole raft of bloodwork - mostly BBV's including HIV, Hep B, Hep C and some other nasties. I also had some other tests including my AMH level and some others I cant remember. We went and got the bloodwork done whilst we were at the hospital. DF didnt half complain lol! I dont think he's ever had a blood test before, his poor arm hurt! (he's fine now for anyone wondering)

So overall we left with a great plan, I just hope we wont need it! You never know i'm CD20/ 6DPO currently. Feeling the intense hunger I get around this time in the 2ww each cycle. So annoying when I'm trying to loose weight!

I'm so about getting on with TTCMA and getting our BFP. Its been too **** long! Getting on 20 months now. Never ever thought we'd be here.

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