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May 13th, 2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by mal91011 View Post
Funny story...

Max hasn't officially had a hair cut. BUT, at around 7 weeks old he had this patch on the lower part of the back of his head that was really long because everything around it was rubbing off from his bed. It kind of looked like a mini mullet. Well, hubby was giving Max a bath and i was in his room folding his clothes when suddenly i hear this sound that sounded suspciously like hair clippers buzzing... I realized what was going on a barged into the bathroom as hubby was finishing shaving the back of Max's head.

He couldn't figure out why i was angry!! I wasn't angry that he shaved that mullet off, but i was defintely sad that he didn't include me in on the decision and i wasn't there for Max's technically first hair cut!
Sounds a lot like my DH with my DS, I came home from work one day and DH had given him a full buzz cut! I was PISSED! He had quite a lot of hair DH thought it looked silly because it was so long on the top of his head. ugh. men

Taylor, on the other hand, she has a patch of longer hair on top of her head, a nice rubbed off section across the back, and a little mullet section at the nape of her neck. Super stylin'. so she definitely doens't need a cut anytime soon.
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