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May 13th, 2013, 04:32 PM
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Congrats on the weightloss! Its a wonderful feeling

I second the nuts and small things like that to snack on - easier to eat while driving!

I also posted this recipe in the subforum - I can have 2 of these and eat nothing else all afternoon. Each one is about 100 calories.

I also would consider veggies and dip, but I usually buy hummus or greek yogurt dip instead of your typical ranch as it still gives you flavour but less calories and a bit higher protein (keeps you feeling fuller longer). A favourite lunch of mine is carrots, celery, cucumber all dipped in either hummus or greek yogurt, and then 10 almonds (unsalted), some cheese, and half of a toasted whole wheat pita that I also dip into the hummus or greek yogurt dip (its almost like chips and dip!). Depending on what time you leave, I would recommend that lunch on way down, it is just under 300 calories, but it is seriously delicious and I always feel full after it.

Hope you have a nice visit
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