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May 13th, 2013, 08:06 PM
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Trace amounts can be normal, it just depends on how much is trace. But if it's not coupled with high BP I wouldn't consider it pre-e yet. And typically pre-e is less intense the next time you get it. It was true for me, with my first it was bad, I was doing lab tests two times a week, bi-weekly ultrasounds, labetalol, twice weekly 24 hour urine catches... With my second I didn't even get a spike in BP until about 38 weeks, and by that time I was far enough along that they just decided to induce. I'm not even sure I had protein in my urine and if my BP was high enough to really necessitate an induction. This time I'm really paying attention. My BP is normal at home, maybe a little on the high side, but regardless my OB wanted me to start labetalol. I really only attribute my high BP at the doctor to high anxiety about really not wanting to be induced again. I haven't had any spillage what so ever so far and my blood tests are perfect.
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