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May 13th, 2013, 08:19 PM
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Thanks for the info!

Marshall had nearly stopped spitting up but is back at it again the past 2-3wks, so that makes sense about it peaking! He doesn't seem too bothered by it but he projectile spits up a lot and it gets everywhere so we have been doing cereal added to his milk. It hasn't really been helping lately though. I did try the other day feeding him with a spoon but he just wasn't ready or maybe he wasn't hungry. I will try again soon though because I really want to cut down on the spit up!

Not to hijack your thread, but does anyone else get annoying comments on how much their baby spits up? People are constantly saying "You must've ate too much" and I'll tell them No, it doesn't matter if he eats 1oz or 8oz he spits up. He may only eat 2oz and spew everywhere but then the next feeding eat 6 or 7oz and not spit up at all! And DH's papaw, EVERY DAY we see him says "That milk must not be no good for him you think? I'd be asking them if I could try him on another one. He'll be starting regular milk soon right?" And I tell him the SAME exact thing every time that other kinds did the same thing or caused him to have tummy aches, the spitting up doesn't bother him, ect but he won't hush about it. DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!

I hope Vivi eating cereal helps with her spit up!

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