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May 13th, 2013, 08:27 PM
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Marshall has a patch of dark hair in the back (like the mullet that Megan was talking about lol) and then its rubbed off on the sides and the back middle. He has hair there its just blonde so he looks bald lol. He has quite a bit on top but its not long yet. Even if it was I wouldn't cut his until he was over 1. I'd just brush it out of his eyes.

DS1 hair didn't start really growing until 5mths or so but then it grew like a weed! We got it cut for the first time at 14 or 15mths. It was touching his shoulders and was super curly! He looked like a little girl lol. I wish now we hadn't cut it all off though and just trimmed it so he still looked like a boy but with curls. If we hadn't never cut Sawyer's, his would be down to his butt by now! I hope if we have a little girl one day her hair grows like his lol. If Marshall has curly hair I won't get it cut off this time!

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