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May 13th, 2013, 07:56 PM
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Ok here I go again lol! I've talked about different car seats several times now. I will be getting Marshall a convertible one this week and I cannot make up my mind!

I had planned to get the Graco ReadyRide Graco ReadyRide Rear-facing Infant Car Seat, Dotastic - but the reviews have me not wanting to.
There really isn't any BAD reviews, mainly just that it's hard to get buckled in and is bulky. I have a small car so I can't really have bulky. I've seen it in stores and IMO it doesn't look that big and I had thought about buying it and trying it out then returning it if it really was as bulky as people said.

Then I seen this one - Get the Safety 1st - Guide 65 Sport Convertible Car Seat, Athens at an always low price from Save money. Live better.
It seems to have really good reviews and people are saying it is really compact. It's also cheaper which is a plus! Honestly the only reason I don't want this one is because I don't like the color LOL but if it's a good seat it shouldn't matter.

Then lastly I was MAYBE considering this - Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat -
It looks super comfy, has good reviews but I can't really find whether or not it's bulky. Plus it's a little more then I was wanting to spend BUT if it was compact too I do like this color better then the Safety 1st and it looks a bit more comfy.


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