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May 13th, 2013, 09:12 PM
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you HAVE to feel comfertable with your dr its your call though but this is the person your trusting your pregnancy with, your baby when it is born... its a big leap of faith. If you go in there, and lay out your concerns and tell them "listen i am VERY concerned about this, i NEED you to talk to me about it," instead of letting them brush you off, you may get a better result. Unforuntately i had to demand answers last time (with DS2) and refused to leave the dr office until he helped me. He sighed and sat down instead of rushing me through.

They either havent been through it themselves or dont see their pregnancies the way we, who have no medical knowledge do.... remind them, you aree only human, and your little one is growing inside of you , and you need to be reassured of things because even though your baby isnt born yet, your still a worrying mother <3

Thank you to Vicki.. For my amazing Siggy

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