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May 13th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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Thanks ladies!

I probably should have specified that I need to be able to drive while I eat it. LOL. It's a 7-10 hour drive... that's with stops and traffic (I will be driving through both Milwaukee and Chicago lol). Stopping to eat just makes the day too long for me. I'm a sleepy driver as it is

I'm def going to pick up some string cheese. I wonder if freezing them will change the texture? I do have an insulated lunch bag to take with me that I will put cold packs in. It's not very big, but it will handle some cheese sticks no problem.

I'll be taking plenty of water. I'm hoping since I'm driving during the day I won't get as sleepy and won't be hitting Starbucks for a Frappe with 3 espresso shots. I've been trying to avoid artificial sweeteners, but I'd rather drink a boat load of Mio Energy than a Frappe.

I actually have Almonds, I didn't think I had any left that weren't honey roasted (bad me, I know ). They are lightly salted with seat salt, 1/4 cups of Almonds has 60mg Sodium, much better than Jerky!

Someone from my TTC board recommended cuties. So I think that I'll take a container of tomatoes, a container of peeled cuties, a handful of string cheeses, the almonds and a few Special K bars for some naughty sweetness (I have an abundance of Special K products, but I eat them sparingly. They make very nice 90 calorie treats that actually curb my desire to binge on chocolate.). And I should be able to buy most of it again on Sunday night (and I can take unpeeled cuties with me) to eat on the way home.

Jess I might make those bites too. I have all the ingredients except coconut and oatmeal already and I've been looking for good ways to sneak flax into my diet. I just had it on baked chicken.. nom! I think I might pick up some dried cranberries (or cherries if I can find a decent price on them) to go in them, and use dark chocolate

I'm going to have to hit the pool more often and walk the dogs with hubby's ex and my step son (yes, that sounds weird, but I'm actually friends with DH's ex... I think the best exercise I've ever done in my LIFE was walking her 70lb dog. It took me 4 days to recover from a 3.33 mile walk.. everything hurt because EVERYTHING got used. He's not used to a leash, so he'd pull, and I'd pull back. Arms, lower abs, legs.. everything complained) just to make up for this weekend!!!! I'm hoping to see 220 on the scale by Friday, since my goal was 222 by the 22nd of May.. so I won't feel bad if I go back up a few lbs then hit my goal again.
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