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May 13th, 2013, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by beamermarie View Post
They also have to throw breastmilk out 1 hour after it is warmed, so if they warm her a bottle and she doesnt' finish it, they can't resave it and throw it out. It was explained to me that since formula is only good for 1 hour after being warmed, that is just a blanket rule to ensure no formula bottle accidently gets used after 1 hour.
This is common. In the NICU, J had to finish his bottle in an hour before they'd throw it out. I was instructed to follow the same rule at home. And the day care that we were going to use had the same rule for formula or warmed breastmilk. The reason is that after the baby's been using the bottle for an hour, bacteria starts to develop in the bottle and it may eventually become unsafe. (The day care that followed this rule was really relaxed about most things - they'd use cloth diapers, any food that I brought in, etc. Their only rules about food were no peanuts anywhere, and each room might be subject to a specific allergy depending on the kids there. The 2 years olds' room was strawberry-free, for example.)
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