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May 14th, 2013, 06:01 AM
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So I've been a back sleeper for many many years. I know that sleeping on your back isn't good for baby, and I've tried everything possible to stop doing it. I have body pillows, a pillow "fort" to prop me up, and a husband who wakes me up repeatedly during the night to tell me to roll onto my side. None of it really works. I'll fall asleep on my side and almost instantly roll onto my back (throwing off my fort pillows in a sleepy stupor).

I asked my OB about it and all she did was say "don't sleep like that, it's bad for baby" and give me the exact same suggestions I'm already doing. After doing some Googling it looks like thoughts are varied on the subject and I'm starting to think that if it were truly bad, my body wouldn't naturally WANT to do it. Any other opinions or suggestions?
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