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May 14th, 2013, 07:53 AM
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I have two appointments today - one at 11 for blood work to make sure my HCG has dropped to 0 last week it was still at 60, Hoping it's 0 now.....I don't want or need any other complications. After my blood work at 11 I go back at 4:30 to see the RE (surgeon that took care of me during ectopic pregnancy) If everything checks out ok he will release me back to my RE and according to my RE I can start the next FET cycle in 2-3 weeks. He wanted me to have one more period and then go on BC pills for a couple weeks just to make sure I'm all healed up. Haven't 100% decided if I'm ready for another FET this soon but I will get on the BC pills so that if/when I do decide I'm ready I can start right away and not have to wait for AF again.
Really just hoping everything checks out ok today so that I can move on.

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