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May 14th, 2013, 09:02 AM
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My doctor has the u/s machine in his office, so he does a literally 1 minute u/s at almost every appt, to see heart beat as opposed to using the doppler... He measured the baby at 7 wks, then he has a tech come in one day per week, and I had a more formal u/s at 20 and 22 wks. No formal u/s since that time. Also, he has only measured me one time (at 33 wks). Basically when I go in, all he does is look at the baby's heart for a second (he doesn't even tell me the rate). And I get my bp and urine/wt checked. that is it. I always felt like there should be more... but my husband tried to reassure me by telling me that it is a good thing that the doc doesn't need to do more at the appts.
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