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May 14th, 2013, 12:57 PM
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Okay, so I've broken the first cardinal sin of the internet, I've googled/webmd'd my symptoms, and now I'm wondering if I should call my doctor...I thought I would ask here first before I call seeming all crazy.

Last night into today, and through most of today, I've had a lot of lower back/pelvis pain. Like I feel a lot of pressure in that area, especially in my lower back, around my hip bones. I've also been having what I would describe as menstrual cramping. It doesn't really hurt, but it's uncomfortable. Is this a sign of early labor? Should I be calling my doctor? Is this something they would want to know? The lower back pain and lower abdominal cramping is pretty constant when I'm sitting up and pretty much goes away when I'm lying down. None of it is particularly painful, it's all just uncomfortable. And in all this time I've only had one instance where my belly has completely tightened up in what I would consider a "contraction" and when that happened there was sharp pain in my back as well. As a FTM I'm not sure if this is a real concern, or if it's just normal aches and pains of late pregnancy. Any advice is HUGELY welcome.

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