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May 14th, 2013, 01:52 PM
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It's 27 here today! It's amazing! Although very windy, the breeze is so warm! It rained early this morning so the air is humid... still calling for more thunder showers, but I'll take it.

According to my MIL she's moving in... according to us she's welcome to stay for about 3 days max... She is recovering from back surgery, so she isn't working and she's single, so her schedule is wide open... My parents however both work, and live farther away, plus I just like them more So I have to balance when they can stay as well... it just wouldn't go over well having everyone here at the same time. When I was on mod. bed rest this winter, we had our 15 mo nephew staying with us, she drove down to 'help' because I couldn't care for him obviously... she 'helped' around the house as well (my house was totally clean with the exception of the floors, which had been on my to do list prior to hemorrhaging and assuming I was miscarrying, suddenly taking it easy was much more of a priority) From my bedroom all I heard was slighting comments about how filthy it was, and her comments to my nephew about how unsanitary it was to stay at Auntie's house.. yada yada yada. I really have a hard time with her being around at all.

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