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May 14th, 2013, 02:31 PM
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I got up to pee and completely forgot to test! It was cold as and in my half asleep state I was back in bed before I gave it a second thought. SO here is last night's test instead! My pee was the most diluted it has been for a test so far but tested before bed anyways. When I went to test I had the faaaaaaaaaintest spotting this morning, faint enough that I nearly missed it. Super light pink. Not sure if it is still here but I think sex last night will probably mask it unless it's heavier. It is not unusual for me to get spotting at 12dpo lately but I am hoping because the spotting is either a bit heavier or absent when AF is on the way that this is the good kind of spotting. FX for implantation bleeding! Haha we can turn anything into pregnancy symptoms. I want it to be a pregnancy symptom so I can feel that feeling nauseated while washing up this morning because I could smell the lasagne on it from DH's lunch is a good sign.


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