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May 14th, 2013, 04:32 PM
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I woke up today to find an unbelievable heartless message left on my facebook by my step sister. It listed all of the reasons why I should not have this baby, and why instead I should have an abortion.
It floored me, and I was beyond upset.... pretty much they think i'm a failure because I live in an old house, because I have a really old car with alot of kms on it that at one point had car troubles, and because I don't have a major savings. It was also listed that she doesnt feel like my SO will be a good BD because at ONE POINT IN TIME he was out of work for abit. she even went on to say she had an abortion at one point and it was NOTHING and that I could have one and then pretend I miscarried it.
WHAT????? I'm pro choice, but I would never EVER push anyone into abortion. I deleted her off my facebook, and i'm about to remove her phone number, i'm horrified!!

Later this week we are all supposed to get together for my brothers wedding, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable being in the same building as my apparently ever so loving family it's really upsetting because my brother is the only one whose shown excitement.
Blah, anyways Im beyond super stressed today to the point I'm worried I will miscarry.

I don't know, this is ridicolous. I don't even know what to say to my family, i almost want to write them off. I can't see bringing my child around anyone who never wanted her/him in the first place.

anyways sorry for the family drama...
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