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May 14th, 2013, 05:43 PM
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I had a prenatal massage a few weeks ago and it was heavenly! My therapist is trained specifically for prenatal and will adjust pillows so that I am always on my side or she elevates my right side to tilt me towards the left when I am on my back for a few minutes. She also pointed out the pressure points that she would be avoiding because of their association with bringing on labor. I would like to visit her once more before baby because the strain of the belly is doing a number on my back. As for pedicures, I have had some that have really worked my ankles and legs but I usually wait til 38 weeks to have them. I had a pedicure over the weekend. I forgot to mention avoiding the pressure points, but she didn't touch them anyway. The salon had a reflexology chart on their wall that showed the feet and what other parts of the body it corresponded to. I thought that was cool

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