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May 15th, 2013, 12:39 AM
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I'm Ashley, I'm 29 years old. I've been married for 18 months and have a wonderful step son out of the deal. I weighed 166lbs when I moved to the USA, 192 5m later when we got married, and 232 in April of this year.

I'm of the easily injured. The number of injuries I've dealt with in the last 15 years is outrageous. I'm starting to suspect there is an underlying issue as no matter how far out from injury I am, the pain has NEVER fully gone away. Hands, feet, neck, shoulder, hips... all still hurt after their respective injury.

Most recently I pulled half of my Achilles out of my hee, destabilized my sub talor joint, sprained the ankle and tore the ligaments in the foot. All from slipping on a bag at work. Thankfully they covered the bills. I spent 5 weeks in a cam walker boot, 10 weeks in physio, and probably would still be in PT had the specialist not decided I was just being a baby. My PT thought other wise, but alas we don't have insurance so I don't have many other options.

I've only recently (as in the last few weeks) been able to go for walks. I couldn't even go Grocery shopping and do a full trip. I worked retail so I needed to be on my feet, anything other than work meant more unnecessary pain.. and I gave up. Dh told me to quit the job, it wasn't worth it (and it was killing us in taxes). Now that I'm not on my feet at work, I'm able to put the energy into exercise.

I have reflux/gerd. My Ob isn't sure exactly how to classify it, and since we pay out of pocket, there isn't much we can afford to figure it out. I take prilosec every day, and things have greatly improved. I went from eating 1000 calories at night to sleep 4-6 hours.. to a slimfast and maybe a banana or two if the night is a really bad one, and sleep 8-10. The more weight that comes off, the better it seems to be getting. So I'm hoping that continues.. I'd like to eat when hungry, not eat because it makes my stomach feel better. I've tried "toughing it out", and the result was 3 days with no sleep.. I'd rather the extra calories and need to work out a bit more.

We have been TTC for the last 15 months, with a few miscarriages (which are being contributed to my Thyroid levels being in the 20's). I decided that since my hubby is away working I would take advantage of the metabolism boost thanks to the thyroid meds and try and lose some weight. I'm 5 weeks into it, and I'm down almost 10lbs. I'm h oping as the weather continues to improve that I'll be able to get in more walking. I'd prefer to be swimming, as our complex has a pool, but they discourage Solo swimming and I don't want to get in trouble... so I need to get up the nerve to go over. The laundry facilities are in the same building, and it would REALLY suck to lose our access key.

So that's me in a nut shell. I've long accepted I'm not going to be in perfect shape or run a marathon (I've never enjoyed running anyway, even when I was in shape), but being able to tie my shoes, scratch my own back and keep up with the kiddo's will honestly be good enough for me. Wouldn't mind my step kid being able to give me a hug and his hands touch behind me either.
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