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May 15th, 2013, 07:45 AM
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So, all those crampy feelings I've been feeling lately? Apparently they're doing something. Doctor checked my cervix this morning, and I'm 80-90% effaced I'm only 1 cm dilated though. They had a hard time finding his heart rate at first, until I said that I'm pretty sure he's REALLY low...and sure enough, they went about as low as they could go without going inside me, and there was his heartbeat, 134. Again, as the doctor was checking me, the phrase, "His head is right there isn't it?" came out of his mouth. I get the impression that this little guy is about as low as he can get without coming out of me.

Does the percentage I'm thinned out indicate how close I am to go time? Or can I sit at 80-90% for weeks before this little guy decides to come?

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