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May 15th, 2013, 12:02 PM
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Are driving me CRAZY!!!!!!

My Mom is excited because this is her first grandchild (my dad already has 6), but she is making me nuts with it. And she told me the other day that she basically thinks I'm a wuss and that I'm not going to be able to handle contractions and that she wants me to call her "as soon as I start having pain" so she can drive up here and "hold my hand during contractions." Umm... No. I guarantee you if I'm in pain and my mom is in the room I'm going to want to punch her in the face. She can wait in the waiting room. I've already told her she isn't going to be in the room when I have him and that I'm not calling her until I am admitted to the hospital, but she still seems to think otherwise! She only has to drive 3 hours. I am sure she will make it before he is born if I do that.

My sister has 4 kids (ages 11-5) and she keeps telling me things I HAVE to buy or things I HAVE to do and a lot of which I appreciate, but at the same time she hasn't had a newborn in 5 years. And what worked for her and her kid might not work for me and mine. She laughs at me whenever I talk about having read a book about something or having researched something, like those things have no merit. And she keeps acting like I have no clue about babies. Umm, I have 6 younger siblings. All of which I lived with when they were babies and I helped raise. I also have worked as a nanny for 3 families that all had newborns when I worked there. I realize it will be different when it's my kid and I'm having to get up with it in the middle of the night and all that, but I know what to expect, it's not like I'm clueless. I know things about babies that people who haven't been around them as much as I have don't know. So while I may not be as prepared as someone who has already had a child, I am a lot more prepared than most first time moms. My husband... Not so much, but that's another story. Haha.

I just want to tell them to leave me alone!!! If I need their help or advice, I will ask, but I'm over them giving it to me about every little thing. Ahhh.

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