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May 15th, 2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by redbirds View Post
And if it's a sign of IQ, my kids wouldn't be int he top of their class at all I don't believe it for a sec, though... My mom was rock solid with me, no m/s at all, and I have a relatively high IQ. She was sick with my brother ALL THE TIME, and he's also really smart... I haven't seen any scientific research supporting or refuting the theory, but it's an interesting idea.

LoL one of my friends said her midwife told her that. I guess as some consolation prize lol. My mom didnt have morning sickness with any of us, and I'm pretty darn smart.

I read about that constipation. I popped a stool softener and drank a 32oz bottle of smart water. Went and got a watermelon as well (helps things move for me). I am already backed up so I really don't need to zofran exacerbating the situation. Then I'll have a whole other set of problems.

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