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May 15th, 2013, 01:25 PM
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The more I think about this the more annoyed I am, so I need to vent a little.

So about 2 months ago I was hanging out with this lady pretty regularly and went to a tupperware party she threw. I bought some canisters for like $15. Well around that time I started to realize that she's not only a bit of a nutter but that she's obnoxious and annoying. So I've slowly started hanging out with/talking to her less, she's stopped talking to me as much too. (I think she's found a new person to latch onto and be "friends" with). Anyways, I've seen her at least 4-5 times since my tupperware came in. She says every time she will bring them and has "forgotten" every **** time.
This is not the first time she's forgotten what she was supposed to bring me either, the last time I ended up driving practically to her house (she lives 30 mins from me) to get it because it was a picture cd she'd picked up for me when she picked up hers and I needed it that day to print some pics of Alex for DH's care package.
How hard is it to put the darn things in your car as soon as you know you're gonna see me? So even if you're running behind and forget about them the day of, they're already in the car. All the times I've seen her she's known she was going to see me about a week in advance. It just boggles my mind how one person can be SO flaky... I don't even really care about the canisters anymore, it's the principle of the matter at this point.

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