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May 15th, 2013, 01:49 PM
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Thanks so much, I will definitely look into some Doulas in my are and will also talk to DH about how he feels about it

May 15th 2013
20 weeks 3 days

Nothing much to update. I haven't had heartburn in a while. The pelvic pain is stable ie. not getting worse. I saw a chiropractor on Monday and I haven't noticed much difference yet...I want to say the pain has reduced a little bit, but I am not sure if its just normal fluctuation. I have another appt with her this Friday- we'll see. I still get the sour taste with carbs and sugars :/ Unable to go out in the heat. This last week I feel like I've gained a bit of my waist is getting fuller. My scale is analogue and can't tell much difference if I've only gained a cpl lbs. I saw on my journal from DD that I was only 136 lbs at 22 weeks!! I am sure I am more than 140 lbs now at 20 weeks!! sigh..but then again I started out at 114 lb last time and this time I started at 124 lb!
Baby is moving a lot, but still DH hasn't been able to feel it on the outside. And in other news, my big ultrasound is tomorrow!! Can't wait to confirm that Lekha is indeed having a baby sister...or my dad and MIL are getting their wish and the baby surprises us by being a boy!! I will be happy either fact strangely after all my boy wishes, I am leaning towards girl now...
Expecting baby girl September 29th

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