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September 8th, 2006, 08:48 AM
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Usually, when I sell off some curriculum, the children celebrate. For science, we have mostly, but not quite, finished But, with the changes in the written planets and all, and that we are just about done, and one other issues, my dh is not a Christian so it was a little awkward if I wanted/needed to play the music and he was around.

So, I figured, we were down to the last few pages, put up an ad to sell it off. Well, I got replies right away. DD is not happy about this. She loves the curriculum, she loves our time together, she loves the music. I have never heard this out of her before! She never complained about doing her work, but, well, she just is not the complaining sort. Well, when I put the ad out, I got responses right away! And it made DD sad! She has been listening to the CD all morning preparing to lose it.

Now what do I do? Do I call the lady back and say opps..sorry...we are keeping it? It's just too good and DD won't let it go? Or just tell dd we can order a copy of the CD and give that to DD and still let the curriculum go?

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