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May 15th, 2013, 06:57 PM
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My day started with dd acting like a royal brat in bed...not even out of bed and she was all huffy with an attitude...great!!! That is never a good sign. She fought me to get in the tub the whole 9 yards...ugh! Needless to say there was no time left for me to hop in the shower.
I had to take big dog to the [email protected] bc he was a hairy shedding beast...dropped him off visited dd old daycare for a bit went home to get ready to go into town. I had to go get license/registration & pay taxes on the new van & transfer dh boat&trailer to his name from his dads bc last time I went I was told dh had to fill out more paperwork & the **** dealership forgot to sign the van over to really??? Then I needed to pick up the recliner for babies room & parts for dd bunks that were bad, pick up my prescription bc dr called today & said I have a light yeast infection & stop & get fruit & a few other things.
Well....looked at paperwork & see that dh forgot to sign one spot..1!! So after multiple attempts to get him to be able to open the scan I sent him(thank god I have a scanner) he finally got it but not after me having to go up & down the basement stairs 3 or 4 times which may i tell you are through the garage...ugh!
Ok so at this point the groomer has taken 3.5 hours instead of the original 2 hours it usually takes & it is now almost 2 by the time we get out the house again after dropping the dog is past dd's nap time which means a meltdown could happen at anytime...double ugh! Heck if I would have know she was gonna take forever I would have gone to town while the dog was at the groomer.
Now I get to the treasurers office to take care of the vehicle stuff and the f'ing day tells me she can't do the van stuff bc it s a copy of dh signature not an original...*** I was clearly not happy and was very short with this lady. I asked if she could fax him so she knew it came from him and of course no...oh and while I'm talking dd is bouncing around and wacks her head really hard on the counter & is crying hysterically...awesome!! Well finally I say look I'm super pregnant I can't come down here again can we just mail this stuff with a check. Then she asks another lady if she can just help me and we just mail in an original signature, the other said yea no problem. Thank god!!!!! So I hurry up go to the counter to take care of the boat crap & I get a call from the pharmacy they don't have my medicine in stock but they could have it Friday ...really Walmart that is great but I won't be in town Friday. The lady was nice enough to call a diff pharmacy to see if try had it but no they didn't either so the lady called every pharmacy in town & NO ONE had it not even the pharmacy in the town I live in. So I have to get it tomorrow when I go to the dr. I guess they have it in stock at the hospital where I go...thank goodness.
Ok so enough for 1 day...oh no!
I go to pick up my recliner well actually I made a pit stop & looked at jo Ann's fabric for owl material and found a bunch I like which was the only good part of the day..I will make a separate post with all the pics I took later
. Anyway I went to get the recliner & parts to replace the bad ones on dd bunks to find out that they sent my chair with a different person earlier by mistake...really???? Morons! So they said they were going to locate it & drop it off. Ok fine but at this point I was done...irritated and dd really needed a nap like super bad!
I get home dh gets home I tell him about the recliner situation & he says well if they opened it he doesn't want it which I totally didn't think of...the town where we went has a lot of scrurvy(sp?) people & you never know what shape their living quarters are in..yikes! So I got on the phone left a message saying if it was out of the box we didn't want it.
Here is the kicker!!!
After I left a message my phone all the sudden loses service so no voice or texting...come on!!!!! So now I have even without cell service for almost 3 hours and counting. We do not have a landline either. So the guys came we have the recliner it wasn't opened & was in plastic. But not sure if its going to work bc it is really big for the room
But even worse I have no service so if something happened I cAnt call anyone and to dial out on a landline which I would have to drive to the inlaws is long distance & they don't have that today has sucked something serious and now no cell service. I have only lost service 1 time with us cellular the 6.5 years I have had them and now. Great timing!

Ok rant done!

i feel better getting it all out there. Hopefully my appt is good tomorrow bc I'm not ready to have these babies yet. Ok off I go to relax for a few minutes then get busy cleaning & finish packing my hospital bag. I am really gonna do it this time!

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