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May 15th, 2013, 06:59 PM
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That is annoying! I hate people who act high and mighty to first time moms. Everyone has to be a first time parent at some point, even them!

I do not want anyone in the room except my husband. That is how it was last time, I told my mom and everyone beforehand. However, she STILL came in when I was in heavy labor (I am still pissed about this) even though she KNEW I did not want her there. I yelled at her to get out in mid contraction. I think she thought I would be at a weak moment and therefore not say anything, but nope. She made some excuse that she wanted to know if we needed anything. We barely get along and have an awful relationship and I sure as heck did not want her in the room with me when I was trying to stay calm.

Also, I had barely gotten cleaned up when the nurses said that our families her busting down the hall and said they would not wait any longer. Yeah, they are crazy like that. There was blood all over the floor when they came in and everything. LOL

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